Limited Edition Christmas collection

Hey friend,

If you're here, first I want to say thank you.

This is the only way to get access to this collection.

And here you are:)

I know how much you love mugs. 

but christmas mugs.

well, thats a whole nother ball game right there.


so! Heres what's cool about these.

1. This is the only place you can grab them.

2. These babes are bigger, becasue who wants to get up for re-fills when you can stay under a blanket longer?

3. There's a limited amount of these mugs, 15 to be exact. And only a limited amount of time to get access to this page.

Aight, think that pretty much sums it up. Hope you enjoy your holidays wrapped up in a cozy blanket with 3 day old sweatpants and your favorite coffee with less re-fill trips:)



Erica | THrō Ceramics

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