My story so far


Oh, ya know, just THrōin around some clay makin all these things.

I'm a small-town Texas ceramicist with big dreams. In love with my '97 jeep wrangler who's doors are not usually where they're supposed to be (on the jeep), cold brew coffee with unsweetend coconut milk, naps, my pups (Clive and Pedro) and reading like a savage. Amazons best customer, right here y'all. Saying "hell yes!' to as many adventures as possible. As much as I love being home in my studio. Its nice to get away sometimes and go scuba diving with some sharks, (Im on the hunt for a whale shark, I WILL swim with one) take a fishing trip in a tiny boat off the reef in Belize, in what felt like 10 ft waves. They probably were, I was just trying not to look at them or I just take a drive in the jeep with the doors off.

Most days you'll find me in the my studio covered head to toe in clay with a smile on my face. There's usually a cold brew coffee within a 1ft radius. 

My style is simple, organic, raw and real. It's everything that I love shaped from a ball of clay into a piece I created with my two hands. I promise you'll love them. I've always known that I wanted to create things. Even when I was a little kid, building lego towns that covered the entire living area or snowmen out of mud. Mudmen? I'm in the sticks of Texas, mud was the best thing I could find. Kinda funny that I'm still playing with mud. But, If it wasn't for college I would've never ventured into this whole ceramicist thing. It was actually just a class I took to fill hours. Little did I know, I would be changing EVERYTHING after that first day of walking into that class and my professor naming me "killer fisherwomen potter". Yea, he gets me.

I make each piece myself, One. Piece. At. A. Time. I do this because I love the process of my work. Its something Im passionate about. It gives me the freedom to be as creative and innovative as I possibly can. I've worked hard to develop my style as a ceramicist. Turning clumps of mud, to piles of dirt, then to things that can be used everyday. I'm still learning and growing each day and I love creating these things with my hands and mind. Each piece is handmade in a way that's uniquely THrō. I love working with clay because its a natural material, It feels like I'm holding a tiny piece of earth in my hands. You'll find variations from piece to piece, irregularity in glaze color, fingerprints, a niche from a tool and lots of texture. Friend, you've got a one of a kind piece because there is no such thing as perfect. Thats something I celebrate in my work and myself. Just like my flaws, imperfections and scars (I was an adventurous little kid...still am) Those things make us who we are and tell a story about our journey. I love seeing a bruise from last weeks kayaking adventure just as much as I love seeing a stack of handmade plates that are a little wonky.

These babes need a little more love to extend their life. I recommend hand washing, but we all know "aint nobody got time for that" so yes, sometimes my pieces find their way into the dishwasher. They've been fine. Just don't put them in the oven. I don't microwave my pieces for long periods of time. I usually stay in the 2-3 minute range. Avoid extreme temperature change and high heats. Other than that, just love'em with your whole heart:)