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If you've been in MUGBOX, you know the process is pretty simple. There's really nothing to it, but if you haven't been in MUGBOX. This is how it works.
We chat about what you visualize for your dinner set so that we know how to build it and which pieces you'll be getting each month.
You have the option of 4,6,8,10 or 12 plates (if you need more than 12 we can talk about that as well.)
aaaaaaand, that's it.
Sounds pretty cool, right?
  • On the 3rd of each Month, you get a new dinner plate to start building your collection. (doesn't matter when you sign up, PLATEBOX will always go out on the 3rd of each month.
  • You get a polaroid of what I'm currently pulling inspiration from. Gives you a peek of the creative process on my end.
  • You get to build the dinner set you keep asking for without breaking your bank account.
  • You'll have the most gorgeous set of plates to share all dat feeeeeewd on when your friends and family come to visit.
WARNING: This may cause you to have to cook and wash dishes more often because everyone will love these so much that they'll be coming over to eat....js.
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