The Elements

The Elements

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We all try to find ourselves in this world.

I've realized that its not about finding ourselves.

It's about being able to navigate the elements whenever life happens.

When we can do that, when we can accept our emotions for what they are. 

Harmless thoughts. 

We can set boundaries and navigate the elements of life.

Some of them bring calmness, some bring storms and some burn.

That's where this collection came to life.

For me, each mug is a different element.

Earth (solid white), water (tri-color), air (grayish blue) , fire (deep maroon) and spirit (legacy dip black and white).

Pick your element for the day.

Learn to navigate and master them all by accepting them and letting them come into your life as a way of growing and learning.

Welcome to the Modern Elements.

This collection comes with one of each mug style so that you can pick the mug that feels the best for the day.

I use mine as a tool. When I want a relaxing day, I go for the earth mug.

When I'm working on building something, I go for the fire.

When I'm feeling adventurous, I'll go for water.

Each day is different, but each one helps me get into the headspace I need to be in while I drink my coffee and prepare to navigate the day.