Egg bowl

THrō Ceramics

Who else eats scrambled eggs for breakfast and sometimes lunch and dinner? (Breakfast is my favorite) when I’m making new pieces i dig around in my routine to see what i use. What can i make? What’s not working? What needs something? Egg bowls!!! And ya know what I’m gonna do when i get #themoderncan goin? I’ll be using these babes as dinner bowls to save on space. Winner winner chicken dinner! 

But seriously though, these egg bowls remind me of when i was a kid. My grandma used to make me scrambled eggs alllll the time. Watching her crack the eggs on the side of the bowl, throw in a little salt and pepper then mix it all together with a fork. This bowl is her new favorite piece in her kitchen. And i think it’s so awesome to watch her still make me some eggs, but in the bowl that i created with my two hands. (Yes, i still let my grandma cook for me. You just can’t be grandmas cookin’) she seems to enjoy it. So why not let her?