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each month, ( every 30 days ) you get a new espresso mug and you can cancel anytime.

It may be different or the same as a previous month.

I try to let inspiration flow as much as much as possible during box season to build something super unique for you.

Either way, you'll still have an espresso collection that is cohesive and works well with the rest of the pieces in your collection.

It's almost like creating an art piece to stack on top of your espresso machine, in your open shelves or a surprise to open your cabinet doors to. Your eye is being drawn around the canvas throughout the mix of patterns, colors and textures. 

I personally love stacking mine on the side and on top of my espresso machine, it adds a warm touch to the space.




Please remember when buying handmade ceramics. All pieces are hand thrown and hand glazed one at a time. That means that variations in shape and design from the picture you see, is totally normal. It only makes each piece super unique.

You may find small characteristics in your pieces.. fingerprints, tool marks, glaze smears ect. It's just my hands doing their best work. 

All pieces are made with food safe clay and glazes.

Dishwasher and microwave safe.

hand washing recommended.