Basic handmade dinner set

THrō studio

There is truly nothing better than smelling a good ole home cooked meal. Callin up family and friends and saying come on over. Laughing till it hurts, talking about the good things in life, snacking ( I always go for the pie first) and destroying the kitchen. And dang, sometimes, it just makes you feel like a kid again. Its cozy and filled with so much love. It's good for the heart. And it always makes for the best kind of day. Creating that connection to share with the people you love isn't just in the food, but also the piece you share it in. A handmade meal and a handmade dinner set go hand-in-hand. This makes each one different. Raw, natural beauty. The variation that each piece carries is truly beautiful. Much like the meals you'll be cooking to share with your family and friends.


-1 dinner plate

-1 salad plate

-1 everyday bowl


If you have any questions about customizing your dinner set feel free to reach out anytime.