Basic handmade dinner set

THrō studio

There's grandmas homemade chocolate pie. Can't forget the apple pie and other food. (I only care about the pie) Your surrounded with with the people you love. The people that you hold closest to your heart, laughing, arguing, cooking, destroying the kitchen and naps from self induced food comas. I mean, what's a family gathering without those things? 

Then there's those evenings when you get home from a long day. All you wanna do is warm up the pizza from yesterday and plop down on the couch with a blanket and pillow. {Que the Netflix}

It's 2am, you can't sleep. So you grab a bowl and pour some fiber one (I like the way it tastes with cinnamon and unsweetened coconut milk) and sit in silence while you think about things. 

Then there's my favorite, breakfast. If your around my neck of the woods. Don't be surprised to find breakfast at every meal. I looooooove bacon and eggs. Bacon is life yo. My favorite is waking up on Sunday morning. My family is under one roof. Which means that there was probably a movie or three watched last night. We're cooking breakfast, snuggling on the couch, sometimes me and my little brother even go back to bed while we wait for food. We eat together, hang out and just be. Don't tell them, but I secretly love that they all use my pieces:)


*Dinner set includes* 

1 dinner plate, 1 salad plate and 1 everyday bowl. If you wanna customize your dinner set a tad bit. Just shoot me an email. I would be honored to create something for you and your family to make memories with in the kitchen and breakfast for every meal. Also, if you want multiple sets, let me know so I can adjust shipping for you. 

These babes need a little more love to extend their life. I recommend hand washing, but we all know "aint nobody got time for that" so yes, sometimes my pieces find their way into the dishwasher. They've been fine. Just don't put them in the oven. I don't microwave my pieces for long periods of time. I usually stay in the 2-3 minute range. Avoid extreme temperature change and high heats. Other than that, just love'em with your whole heart:)