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I wanted to do something really different with this.

I want to work with you personally to build a really unique collection. That’s why there’s limited spots. It keeps me focused on building YOUR collection.

To me, it’s about how the pieces work together and also how the pieces look when they stand alone.

So, that means that each piece will be unique and all of them as a whole will work as a very awesome collection.

Each one is handmade by me.

And each piece will fit perfectly with YOUR collection.

And guess what else. NO ONE will have a collection like yours.

Your mug game is gonna be sooooooo on point.

and so is your open shelf game.

When someone comes over to have coffee. You’ll all have a different piece. And they’ll be like “whaaaaa?!? Look at them mugs!”

How cool would it be to up your THrō mug collection?

To make it look kinda like that one up there? 👆🏼

Who doesn’t love it when their mug and open shelf game is totally on point lol

So, here’s the thing. Every month you get a different mug. And also, shipping is on me.

Maybe your just tryin to up your Thrō game.

Maybe you just love mugs. #mugaddict

They’ll all be different and you never know what your gonna get. It may be a new mud cloth design, new clay and glaze combo, new style, possibly some whiskey tumblers or maybe a little bit of all of it.

Here’s the cool thing.

When ever you get the collection you want. You can take your name off the list and let someone else start theirs.

And no ones collection will be the same. And they’re all handmade by me.

The reason why i say take your name off the list and let someone else up their THrō game is because there’s only so many available spots. 

The only way to join is for me to send you your special link to sign up;)