Cold brew coffee maker

THrō studio

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Whatcha doin this weekend?

Nada? Ok, I’ve got the perfect thing for ya:)

Here’s my recipe for the perfect weekend. You don’t even have to go anywhere. I’m not lol

1.) a cozy spot - THrō some pillows on the floor, blankets, pouf and your good to go 👌🏼

2.) cold brew - grab your cold brew coffee maker and make a batch of your favorite coffee. 

3.) 🤓 time to nerd out! Grab a book. I’m currently reading Tim Cahill -Pass the Butterworms

Mk, that’s about it. The only thing you miiiiight not have is the coffee maker. 

But no worries, I’ve got ya covered friend. I just happen to make one. 😉

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